the doctor and rose favorite momentsrise of the cybermen

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Let me be the portable heater

That you’ll get cold without

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don’t stay up late on sleepovers with me i get really philosophical and gay

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"For a long time It was not even considered, you know, proper acting. You know, I mean, it’s crazy, but it hasn’t been in the past. Whereas I think now people are realising that is it just another way of recording an actor’s performance."- Andy Serkis

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how does it feel now, legolas?


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LOST rewatch: Tabula Rasa
You’re just not looking at the big picture, Doc. You’re still living in civilization.
Yeah? And where are you?
Me? I’m in the wild.


 my best friend margret, she was my chief bridesmaid, we were going to be best friends forever, we always said that, but i hardly saw her after that

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The game is…something.

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Kira Yukimura; 3x13 “Anchors”

you are sure as hell hiding shit but you also seem pretty cool so idek   teen wolf   teen wolf spoilers   


applause for kira for being the first person to call the group out on how loudly they talk about their supernatural shit

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Do u ever look at someone and you’re like how

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I just changed one word and all of this, happened. Ok.

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on hiatus or semi-hiatus idk school

don't forget to be awesome and to love james potter ok